Central Iowa

We know that selecting a homebuilder is one of the most important decisions you will make on your home building journey. Our team has developed a highly personalized approach to the home building process, drawing on over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our commitment to friendly and consistent communication throughout the build and beyond, professional design assistance and style curation, and commitment to quality craftsmanship while maintaining fair pricing and timelines are at the foundation of our process.

Building Your Custom Home With JRL Builders

Our Home Building Process

The first step in making your dream home a reality is gathering all of the hopes, dreams, wants, and wishes for your build. Maybe you have a vision board, have been compiling notes, or are storing all your ideas in your head.

At this point you likely have a budget in mind, and you may have prequalified for a construction and home loan. If you have, that’s great! If not, no problem we can discuss during our initial meeting.



Our team at JRL Builders would love to meet with you to discuss your ideas and answer any preliminary questions you may have about the process. If it seems like your dream home project and our team are a great match, the next step is to sign the Professional Services Agreement (PSA). This is a straightforward document that will allow us to dedicate our time and expertise to developing a detailed project plan that will bring your dream home to life. After the PSA is signed, we’ll review your build site so we can move on to the architectural design phase.


Selecting your Builder

Luke will meet you at your build site to review conditions and considerations including:

  • Topography and other considerations
  • House placement
  • Identify any trees or other landscape features you want to keep
  • Additional items such as lot shape, zoning, easements, set backs, building restrictions, utilities, etc.

Build Site Review

You and Luke will collaborate with Jill at Brincks Design LLC to bring your architectural design to life. You can select from one of our plans or a plan you’ve found on other websites for a starting point. The needs, wants, and wishes you have for your build will be considered and the resulting plans will maximize the use of your lot according to site features and your lifestyle preferences.

The cost for this portion of your project is outlined in the Professional Services Agreement and is figured on a cost per square ft of above grade building area.

Development Of Your Architectural Plan


When the architectural plan is close to being finalized, you will meet with Luke and Lindsay to discuss specs (including flooring, tile, HVAC, etc). After these selections are made, we will send your plan out to bid. The bid process will take 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of your build.

Once the bids are returned, you will receive the Specifications & Allowances document, this document outlines the cost of your build and provides a detailed list of allowances for items to be included in the home (cabinets, countertops, flooring, fixtures, etc).

Once you have reviewed and approved the finalized Architecture Plans and Specifications & Allowances, it’s time to sign the Construction Contract. Now we can start designing the interior of the home!

Specifications Meeting, Preliminary Pricing, And Construction Contract

One of the most exciting aspects of the build is selecting the specific elements for your home! With over 200 selections to make on an average build, you will love working with our exclusive design firm, LT Design Co. Lindsay will expertly guide you through the design phase, ensuring the process of bringing your vision to life is fun and enjoyable!

Lindsay will guide you through a few selection meetings with our trusted vendors, she will assist you with your selections to ensure we deliver the home of your dreams.

Some of the selections you’ll make during these meetings:

  • Fireplace
  • Interior/Exterior Door Styles
  • Window Color
  • Tile Options
  • Countertop Options
  • Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures
  • Paint/Stain Selections for Walls/Trim
  • Masonry Options
  • Shingle Options
  • Siding/Fascia Color
  • Garage Door Options

Designing your Dream


JRL Builders will apply for a building permit and all documents will be sent to our vendors and subcontractors.

To finance the build, you can take out a construction loan and we will make draws on your behalf or we can take out the loan and sell you the property at the end of the build. Once the permit and financing is approved, we can start building! Our team of highly skilled professionals will continue to expertly guide you through each phase of the build to deliver the home of your dreams.

Permit & Financing

Now it’s time to break ground on your new home! Luke and Michael will be onsite through each stage of construction ensuring the quality and efficiency of your build. We will update you on the construction progress through frequent communications, we are here to answer any questions you may have or to walkthrough the site with you.

Overview of the Build Process:

  • Site Prep
  • Foundation and Framing
  • Major Systems Rough-In
  • Insulation and Drywall
  • Flooring, Cabinets, Tile, Plumbing Fixtures, Paint
  • Lighting, Fixtures, and Appliances


Once we get close to the end of the build, we’ll schedule a closing date. You will meet with the team to walk through your new home to review all elements and finalize any outstanding details. You will receive your keys at your closing appointment. Now you’re ready to move in and enjoy the home of your dreams that you’ve worked so hard to create!

Our one-year warranty provides peace of mind long after you move in, warranty details and contact information to keep your home running smoothly are outlined in the warranty packet provided at closing.

Closing & Warranty


JRL Builders is a custom home builder in Central Iowa.